5 Extravagant Gender Reveal Ideas

What are extravagant gender reveal ideas? Gender reveal is one of the most exciting moments in every couple’s life. This moment can be celebrated by having a small or big party with friends and family. Before the celebration, parents usually identify the gender of their baby using methods such as ultrasound, blood tests, genetic tests, and announce the gender of the baby to the guests with the help of a party organizer.

In recent years, celebrating gender reveal has become a popular custom. These celebrations are usually accompanied by decorations and color themes, and parents announce their baby’s sex by using different methods. In the following, we will watch 5 videos and extravagant gender reveal ideas together, which are very attractive and happy.

Gender Reveal Party With Balloons

One of the extravagant gender reveal ideas to announce the baby’s gender is to use balloons. In this method, the organizer of the gender party, who knows the gender of the baby, fills a very large balloon with helium gas in pink or blue colors. In the celebration of determining the gender of the baby, pink color is a sign of a girl and blue color is a sign of a boy. During the unveiling of the gender determination ceremony, the parents burst the balloon at the same time and colored gas is spread in the air. Let’s watch this unique gender reveal idea with balloons that was done for Nima and Danya’s baby.

You can celebrate this party in different places. As you watched in the video, the celebration of Nima and Donya was held at their house. But if you don’t want to clean the house before and after party and will be free from its troubles, the best place to celebrate gender determination is the garden. You can watch the video of the baby gender determination celebration with balloons in the garden below.

Gender Determination Celebration with Giant Balloon Box

In another type of extravagant gender reveal ideas, a very large box is prepared with the theme of the gender reveal party. Then small colored balloons are placed inside it. If the baby is a boy, all the balloons will be blue and if the baby is a girl, the balloons will be pink. When the parents suddenly open the big box with the help of each other, colorful balloons come out and fly into the air. Let’s watch the video of unique gender reveal idea with a giant balloon box.

Gender Determination with Smoking Box

In the third idea for gender reveal celebration, instead of balloons, colored helium gas and a very large box are used. When parents open the box, a colored gas – pink or blue – is released into the air. Let’s watch the video of the celebration of sex reveal with a smoking box. Surely you will like the idea very much.

Gender Determination Celebration with a Heart Structure

A fourth idea for a gender reveal party is to use a structure that holds your secret. Only by destroying the structure can you find the secret inside. This structure is semi-solid and will break with several hits and reveal your secret. This idea is very funny and cool. Because it will be very funny for the parents to destroy the structure between the guests. Let’s see together this idea in a baby gender reveal video with the heart scarecrow. In this gender reveal surprise, the structure is made in the shape of a two-color heart.

The Funniest Surprise of Extravagant Gender Reveal Ideas

Another interesting and extravagant gender reveal ideas is to use big dolls. These dolls are big enough that only a person who knows the secret of the baby’s gender can wear it. You can use two big dolls, girl and boy, like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. The two dolls can fight each other while revealing the secret, and the one who wins is the baby who is on his or her way to earth. They can also run a race instead of fighting. Prepare a track, at the end of which parents are standing. The doll they get is the gender of their child.

But you can also do something funnier and more interesting with a doll. The person who knows the secret of the parents should dress a baby doll in a blue or pink diaper and hide in a compartment. Then the parents open the door of the compartment so that the doll comes out. Let’s see the idea of this unique gender reveal idea with a baby doll, which is very funny.

These are just a few examples of baby extravagant gender reveal ideas and videos that were very interesting and fun. You can choose one of these methods to announce the gender of your baby according to your taste and budget. You can also contact Hypersurprise to celebrate your baby’s gender reveal and benefit from our surprise services.

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