Modern Ideas for Pregnancy Announcement Surprise to Husband

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. During this period, the husband and wife have a new life together for the first time, and this event can be a turning point in their life together. One of the most enjoyable moments of pregnancy is the moment when a pregnant woman throw pregnancy announcement surprise to husband. This moment can be done with different ideas and scenarios.

Some women prefer to tell husband the news of their pregnancy in a direct and simple way, but others like to announce the news to their husbands in a creative and funny way. If you are one of those women who like to announce your pregnancy to your wife in a special and exciting way, here are some good ideas for you.

1- A Cake or Pastry with the Secret of Pregnancy Announcement

One of the simplest and at the same time funniest ideas to give the pregnancy announcement surprise to husband is to prepare a cake or pastry with a pregnancy design. however, this event is sweet and should become a sweet memory!

Decorating the Pregnancy Cake with a Special Theme

You can order a simple cake or pastry and decorate it with a design of a baby, a family or a heart in pink or blue.

Embedding the Secret of Pregnancy in the Birthday Cake

Apart from the fact that you can make the theme of the cake a baby or the colors that symbolize a girl and a boy, there are more ideas that you can do with the cake. For example, you can hide the news of pregnancy inside the cake. For example, place an ultrasound photo or a handwritten message in a small bottle and ask the confectioner to insert it into the cake. When your husband cuts the cake, he notices the hard object inside the cake and draws his attention to find out what that object is. When he manages to get the object out, he will find out about your pregnancy surprise.

Sudden Passing of Husband

Another idea of pregnancy announcement surprise to husband that you can do with a cake or pastry is to decorate it so that the news of your pregnancy is written on it. Then put it in his driveway before he comes home. Somewhere like the kitchen counter can be great. Then get out of that place yourself. When your husband passes by, he will notice the cake and suddenly find about your pregnancy. You can put a hidden camera in there to record his reaction after finding out that you are pregnant and make this sweet memory last forever.

2- Game, Challenge and Prize

If your husband is into games and challenges, you can use this topic to give him a pregnancy message. There are many ideas for pregnancy announcement surprise to husband that you can use to surprise him with a game. Game ideas for announcing pregnancy included:

The Winner Gets a Special Prize

What game is he interested in? Play the same game with him. But tell him that the winner should get a prize. Tell him that the gift you are giving him is very special and will surprise him. Even if he insists on deciding his own prize, there is no problem. Finally, at the end of the game, you will say him that you cannot give him that prize, but you can give him a much more valuable prize. So act to you will be the loser. When you lose, reward him with the pregnancy result to surprise him.

Guess Pregnancy Announcement with Your Husband

This game is played by many women in family celebrations. In this pregnancy announcement idea to husband, he should put headphones on his ears and listen to the music being played. Then you start talking and he has to guess what you are saying by looking at your lips and try to lip reading. What you are saying is: “You have become a father”.

Pantomime Game for Pregnancy Announcement Surprise to Husband

You can also play this game in a family environment. Form a team together. You and your husband should be on the same team. When it’s your turn to play and he guesses, it’s time to announce the pregnancy. But what are you going to play? The answer is clear. Specify a sentence or phrase that is both simple and predictable and you can easily execute it. For example, you can pantomime the phrase, “we have a baby”, “baby coming” or “You are a father”.

3- A Movie or Animation

If your wife is into movies and animations, or you usually spend time watching movies together, you can use this topic to tell him about your pregnancy. Examples of cinematic ideas for pregnancy announcement surprise to husband can be done like the following ideas.

You can watch a movie or animation with her that deals with pregnancy. At the right moment, you can tell him that you are pregnant, just like the characters in the movie or cartoon.

Pregnancy Movie

Once you’ve told him you’re going to pick and prepare a movie to watch together, you should also put your ultrasound movie on the TV via a USB. When the movie starts and you are watching together, in the middle of the movie, suddenly play the pregnancy announcement movie via the playing USB. When you see he is amazed, that’s when you can tell him that this picture is our baby!

Surprise Video Idea for Pregnancy Announcement

To do this idea you have to make a video. If you are not able to do this, you can ask the Hypersurprise team to help you. Sit somewhere and take a video of yourself. In this movie you have to start talking to your husband, what a big change by him in your life and how happy he is next to you.

Then telling him how you really feel, it’s time to implement your pregnancy announcement idea. In the rest of the movie, you should tell your husband about your pregnancy. Just tell him how happy he is your baby’s father.

Once the movie is done, you can do two things. Send him this video, of course you won’t be there to see his reaction. The second thing is to make him sit in front of the TV and play the movie for him.

4- A Letter or Postcard

If your husband is fond of writing and reading, you can use this topic to inform him about pregnancy. For example, you can write him a letter or a postcard and tell him that you are pregnant. We recommend that what you write must start with expressing your feelings towards him and then tell him the news of having a baby pregnancy announcement surprise to husband  so that it will be more effective. It is better to put this letter or postcard in his bag so that he notices the news when he does not expect it at all.

5- Surprise Musical Pregnancy in the Cafe

If you find a good idea for pregnancy announcement to husband in a special way, you can arrange a surprise by live music. For example, you can invite him to a restaurant or a special place and tell him about your pregnancy. Such surprises have been done by the Hypersurprise team for birthday surprise and you can see similar videos in the birthday surprise section.

However, the most important thing in pregnancy announcement surprise to husband is the right time and in the way he likes. If your husband is a romantic person, you can announce your pregnancy news to him in a romantic way. If your partner is an adventurous person, you can announce your pregnancy in an exciting way. Do not forget that the most important thing is to make this moment a lasting moment for your husband.

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  1. I told my husband about my pregnancy while eating breakfast. But he was still sleepy and just congratulated me 🙂

  2. When I was about to tell my husband about my pregnancy, I recorded a podcast and sent it to him while he was resting in his room. After listening to the podcast, she came out of the room and hugged me and cried.

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