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hypersurprise is a surprise group in Tehran included some creative young people. Their ultimate goal is make happy everyone.

This birthday surprise event planner consisting of the fields of psychology, screenwriting, acting, design, filming, photography, editing and printing, planning, product design and management, musicians of instruments such as guitar, violin,and kajon, decoration, sound recording, lighting, arranging and mixing music and … are present in hypersurprise group.

hypersurprise do directly in the field of providing full services to make and perform a special surprise for a special person. This surprise is usually done for various reasons such as birthday, wedding anniversary, reconciliation and apology, gender determination of baby, marriage proposal, etc.

Targeting, identifying tastes, brain storming and designing a custom surprise scenario are the steps before the performance of a surprise, which will be implemented by hypersurprise members in principle and according to standards.

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    You can perform a very special surprise by hypersurprise

    If you want to surprise someone on their birthday, wedding anniversary or for any other reason, hypersurprise has special ideas that can help you. hypersurprise will offer you specific scenarios according to the audience, that is, the interests and personality type of the person who will be surprised. It is necessary for each of these scenarios to be performed by several different groups such as directors, actors, decorations, musicians, etc.

    hypersurprise plans many types of surprise in such a way that you are the first actor of this scenario and have a significant contribution to the perform of the surprise. hypersurprise will also help you by preparing the necessary conditions from human resources to management and planning resources.

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    Types of birthday surprise

    Birthday surprises can happen for anyone. Types of birthday surprises for your spouse, partner, father, mother, child, friend, etc. are all things that may come to your mind. Regardless of whether you are carrying out a birthday surprise for your wife or anyone else, definitely surprising hers on his birthday without prior notice can make the best and most memorable moment for her or him. Everyone will experience this day once every year. But which of them has been hers or his most memorable birthday?

    If you are planning to give her or him a birthday celebration that he will never forget and when he thinks about his past in the future, the first birthday party he will remember is the one you have prepared for her or him, then it must be an event. Make a special figure for her or him. You may even have thought of a special scenario like a birthday surprise on the street. However, hypersurprise will help you to make this event as sweet as possible.

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    Types ofr Valentine’s surprise

    Your love surprise should be scripted according to the type of intimacy between you. However, the situation he is in is also very important. But whatever it is, Valentine Surprise should be with a completely romantic and peaceful atmosphere for both of you.

    Types of wedding anniversary surprise

    The wedding anniversary surprise is also one of the most popular romantic surprises, as which is similar to the love surprise. Creating a romantic atmosphere is definitely something that should be well considered.

    Types of surprise for mother’s day, fathers’s day or girl’s day

    A special surprise based on the calendar, i.e. a surprise on a man day, a surprise on a woman day, or a surprise on a girl day, has a different atmosphere and can be filled with fear or fun.

    • Surprise in a cafe or restaurant
    • Surprise in the mall
    • Surprise in nature
    • Surprise in the escape room
    • Surprise by breaking news
    • Surprise on the cruise ship in Tehran
    • Surprise with a balloon ride
    • hidden camera surprise
    • Surprise in Bamland
    • Surprise in the cinema
    • Surprise with paraglider
    • Surprise at work
    • House or private location

    All of the above are examples of several scenarios that can be chosen. In these special surprises that require a strong scenario, coordination and planning must be done well so that everything happens on time. For this reason, it is necessary for hypersurprise to come to your aid this time to make this special event right.

    Surprise for wedding proposal

    One of the sweetest moments that will be remembered by everyone is the moment when is proposed for marriage. Therefore, this moment should be held in a different way so that she is completely surprised. Detailed planning for a special event requires consensus and consultation with those who have a good record of organizing such events. Also the hypersurprise’s team will be by your side to make a memorable moment for someone in this time.

    Surprise for reconciliation

    Surprising requires a detailed and planned process so that everything happens exactly at the appointed time. If there is someone who is upset with you but you want to clear this turbidity from his heart, you need to do this in a very special and different way so that she or he realizes your sincerity. hypersurprise group will always be by your side with the aim of more professional and accurate coordination of the surprise scenario.

    The surprise of determining the baby gender

    Parents who will soon have a child, usually organize an exciting celebration. The mother takes the required tests for determine the gender of the baby in advance, but she does cannot see the results of the test and only gives it to a trusted person. This person find out the gender of the baby and informs everybody in a special celebration with a special surprise.

    In this celebration, two colors determine the gender of the baby. The blue color symbolizes the boy and the pink color symbolizes the girl. Knowing the baby’s gender should be revealed in an attractive surprise scenario. You may have seen videos on YouTube and Instagram where parents burst a balloon at the same time and pink or blue powder is released into the air. But these days, popping a balloon to find out the gender of the baby has become very cliche and many couples are looking for another interesting scenario.

    hypersurprise also serves young couples with a variety of scenarios to determine the gender of the baby and undertakes the responsibility of holding this attractive celebration for the birth of a new spring in their life together.

    Is suprise true or surprise?

    To be surprised means an unexpected or astonishing event. In fact, it refers to a time when you don’t expect something, but it happened amazingly. This word is used in both English and American countries and has the same meaning.

    The written form of surprise in English is surprise. In British pronunciation, if the letter R is placed after a vowel such as U, R is not pronounced. Therefore, the word surprise is pronounced in the form of surprise (or more precisely /səˈpraɪz/). But this rule does not exist in the American language and the word surprise is pronounced in the form of surprise (more precisely /sə(r)ˈprīz/).

    Therefore, whether you say the word surprise as suprise or surprise, it is completely related to your choice whether you prefer the British pronunciation or the American pronunciation. But what is more common in Iranian pronunciation is surprise. For this reason, hypersurprise has also chosen this pronunciation.

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