Sending a gift to Iran in my friend hypersurprise plan

Send a gift to Iran in my friend service of Hypersurprise has provided a unique opportunity to do whatever you want to do for a loved one in Iran. In the “My Friend” service, you are able to create a special event and surprise for someone you have in Iran without any restrictions.

To send a gift to Iran, in My Friend service of Hypersurprise, instant delivery of a special gift for your loved ones is provided. In Hypersurprise, a friend is provided to you, so that you can deliver any type of gift, such as flowers or a special gift, to your loved ones as quickly as possible with a special surprise.

Send a surprise gift to Iran in My Friend service

Sending gifts to Iran from abroad will no longer be a difficult task in my friend Hypersurprise service. In this service, you get a friend and this friend delivers your gift or surprise to your loved ones. Just choose any type of gift you like, such as cosmetics, clothes, gift items, flower and chocolate boxes, flower baskets, etc.

Wait! You can even visit different persian sites and announce your chosen gift to your friend in Hypersurprise. Rest assured! Your friend does everything. He registers the order, receives it, wraps the gift beautifully and goes to the owner of the gift. He introduces himself as your friend and delivers your gift to him or her.

The advantage of online register an order in Hypersurprise is that you are not limited to giving a special gift. You can consider restaurant reservations, relaxation massages, concert or theater tickets and anything else you want. You can even send special food! Of course, be sure to count on the immediate delivery of the gift. So, you can sending every present to iran from everywhere like send gift to iran from canada.

Surprise the owner of the gift with your friend

What do you think about sending a surprise gift? You can use the special expertise of Hypersurprise. If you see the portfolio of hypersurprise, you will realize that surprises are our specialty. Besides sending a surprise gift or flowers from abroad to Iran, you can order a surprise for him or her. Hypersurprise will go to him or her with a music band and will perform a romantic music from your language.

But wait! It’s not over yet. Maybe your parent are in Iran and ther are alone. Your friend will go to them and they will implement a one-day tour plan for them. He takes them to the cinema or arcade for shopping. He goes for a walk with them in the park and they have lunch together. He even implements other ideas and suggestions that you have for them. They can plan a trip to the north even through a one-day tour.

We share the joy of the gift surprise with you

But when your gift or surprise is delivered, you are not! He or she will definitely be very happy to send you a surprise gift, but it would be even more fun if you were here and saw his or her smile. Don’t worry! We have thought here too!

In the moment of delivered your surprise, your friend will film all the scenes and send you the surprise video to share the joy of the surprise with you.

The owner of the gift will see your friend

You hire a friend in Hypersurprise and exactly one person will be responsible for handling your order until it is completed. The responsible person considers himself to be your friend and will follow up the whole process of your order personally. Also, when visiting, he introduces himself as your friend, not an expert working in Hypersurprise! Leave sending gifts to Iran to your friend.


Hypersurprise services for Iranians abroad

send flower

music surprise

send gift

order food

book restaurant

event tickets

one-day tour

Customized ideas

How can I order to send a surprise gift to Iran?

first step

ارسال هدیه سوپرایز فوری به ایران - مرحله اول ست کردن جلسه آنلاین

Send a message on WhatsApp or Telegram to the number below and set up an online meeting.


second step

ارسال هدیه سوپرایز فوری به ایران - مرحله دوم جلسه آنلاین

In the online meeting with your friend, you will be discussed in detail about your conditions and interests, and you will recognize the best items.

third step

ارسال هدیه سوپرایز فوری به ایران - مرحله سوم ارسال و تحویل هدیه

Run surprise! Your friend in Hypersurprise like your firend do anything needs. Your surprise gift will be done in the best possible way.

Suggestions for fast delivery of surprise gifts to Iran


خرید و سفارش و ارسال هدیه ست صنایع دستی به ایران
Handicraft set
خرید و سفارش و ارسال هدیه ست کیف و کفش به ایران
Men's set
خرید و سفارش و ارسال هدیه گل و کیک و شیرینی به ایران
flower and cake


خرید و سفارش و ارسال باکس گل بزرگ به ایران
small flower box
خرید و سفارش و ارسال گل متوسط به ایران
medium bouquet
خرید و سفارش و ارسال گل بزرگ به ایران
big bouquet


سفار غذا پلو خوروش به ایران
Iranian stewed rice
سفار غذا انواع کباب به ایران
Iranian kebabs
سفار غذا فست فود به ایران
fast food


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Frequently asked questions about Iran gift services

What should I do to send a gift to Iran?

All purchase and delivery services are done inside Iran according to your preferences. Therefore, it is necessary to first send a message on WhatsApp or Telegram to +989213212251 to schedule an online meeting.

What gifts can I buy and send to Iran?

You have no restrictions on buying gifts. You can even choose on online shops and send us the URL of the product so that we can make the purchase and deliver it with a stylish and beautiful package.

To which cities is it possible to send gifts?

Hypersurprise team is resident in Tehran and our main activity is also done in Tehran. However, we have removed the restrictions. You can order any kind of gift or surprise in any city of Iran. But note that according to the trip of the Hypersurprise team to your desired city, the cost of travel and accommodation of the team will also be calculated.

How much does it cost to send a surprise gift?

All costs, including sending a surprise gift, will be calculated and announced after the online meeting with you and informing you of your desired service. Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine the price and cost until we know about the all service you are looking for.

How long does it take to send a gift to Iran?

Hypersurprise is ready to deliver the gifts and perform the musical surprise scenario exactly at the time and date you want.

How long does it take to send the gift with fast delivery?

If your surprise gift is in Tehran, the Hypersurprise team is ready to complete your order within 24 hours after the payment is completed. If your desired service includes a musical surprise, this time will require at least 3 days.

Also, if the order is for other cities in Iran, 2 days will be added to each of the times mentioned above.

What is the best bouquet to give as a gift?

It depends entirely on your taste. Our advice to you is to find out about the taste of the person you want to send flowers to, or at least find out about his favorite colors to make the order based on his interests.

Whatever your order is, Hypersurprise undertakes to prepare the flowers exactly on the day of execution so that the flowers that are delivered are completely fresh.

Can I send a congratulatory message with a surprise gift?

Yes, you are completely free and will not have any restrictions. You can send your congratulatory message to Iran in text, audio or video format. In this regard, our colleagues will give you complete explanations in the online meeting.

How should I complete my order?

Hypersurprise is not an online shop and you cannot find a specific product to choose from here. If you are thinking of something special for a gift or you have seen a special item somewhere, discuss it with your friend in an online meeting so that Hypersurprise will take care of preparing it.

It is necessary to send a message on WhatsApp or Telegram to the number below and set up an online meeting. In the online meeting, you will talk with your friend about everything you want, and finally you will reach a conclusion and your order will be registered.


In addition, You can contact us via email:

How do I pay the fees?

Fees can be paid in two ways. The first method is Riyal payment, which will be possible through bank’s app or website. The second method is payment with cryptocurrency.

What is the price of surprises?

Surprises are very diverse and in each one different services will be provided by different groups. Depending on the type of service you choose, it is therefore necessary to bring up your favorite scenario in the online meeting. Your friend will explain to you about the services offered in that scenario. You can add or remove your desired services to determine the surprise price. If you pay in Riyal, you will get a $15 discount, and if you pay with Tether, you will get a $10 discount.

What is the guarantee of sending a gift to Iran?

Our guarantee is the trust that ones like you have in us. On Hypersurprise’s Instagram page, Hypersurprise’s vlog or portfolio, you can see various surprises that have been implemented for other people so that you can trust Hypersurprise’s good service.

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