Interesting Long-Distance Surprise For Kids

Kids love to be surprised, especially if it’s from a long distance. You, as his or her mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, uncle or aunt, may want to make him or her happy, but distance has prevented you from doing so. But in this day and age, due to the many advancements, it is impossible that you cannot do this as in the past or you have to leave Seven-Khan-Rostam behind to send a little happiness.

We all have those who are far from us and their well-being is important to us. Children who have a small heart will miss you sooner. So what better thing to do than to introduce you to the ideas of long-distance surprise for kids, so that you don’t miss him or her anymore and show how much you love him or her. Therefore, we will introduce you very simple ideas and solutions to long-distance surprises for kids.

A package full of surprises and gifts

A package full of small gifts and surprises can be a great surprise for children. Fill the package with gifts that the child likes, such as toys, treats and new clothes. You can also make the package a little more personal by adding a card or handwritten note.

If you are abroad and have to send a gift to Iran, it can be difficult and very time-consuming. We suggest you to use the new service provided by Hypersurprise. In the “My Friend” service, they puts a person at your service as a friend. You can ask him to prepare whatever you want and he do them with an exciting surprise. Although this friend can prepare the gifts and give them to someone on your behalf, he can deliver this gift in the form of a very attractive surprise.

For example, there was a mother who had to be in Turkey on her daughter’s birthday, while her daughter was in Iran. Hypersurprise, in cooperation with the little girl’s aunt, made a special surprise for her. The mother recorded a happy birthday video as her daughter’s birthday surprise and gave it to Hypersurprise. They edited it very nicely and asked the girl’s aunt to take her to the cinema to watch the movie. While she was watching the movie, suddenly the movie Happy Birthday Mother was played on the screen. What do you think the girl’s reaction was at this moment?!

send gift to iran - throw surprise for migrated iranian's family inside iran - from hypersurprise

A gift to read and see

If you want your surprise to be a little bigger and more impressive, you can make a shared gift for the child. This gift can be a subscription to an online service, such as Netflix, Filmo or Disney Plus. Anyway, children love cartoons and enjoy watching cartoons. Just buy this subscription for the kid and send him or her the username and password via online message.

A recorded voice or video message

A recorded audio or video message can be a great way to show your love and support to this lovely child. First, put a pen and paper in front of you and write down whatever you want to say.

Tell your little one how much you love him or her and how much you miss in your message. You can also entertain the child and make him laugh by telling an interesting story or memory. Write down all the ideas you want to say. Then read it once as a practice and record it. When you are sure that there are no flaws, record yourself singing it in a beautiful and sweet tone. Now it’s time to send it through one of the messengers.

A ticket to an event

Children love to have fun. Also, children like to spend more time outside the house and play with their peers. That’s why they enjoy entertainment like the amusement park. If the kid is California, Orlando, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai or Aulani, you can get him or her Disneyland tickets. This is what children dream of in childhood. To prove to you how happy the children are with this long-distance surprise for kids, watch the children’s surprise video below.

A sudden video call

A sudden video call can be a great way to see and connect with your kid. In video call you can play with him or her, talk and spend a wonderful day together. Plan before making a video call. For example, find a simple game to play with him or her during the conversation and enjoy the time you spend together.

But in the end, we need to remind you of a few points so that as parents, you can make an attractive long-distance surprise for kids:

  1. Personalize your surprise and put signs and symptoms of his interests and tastes in it.
  2. Simplicity is one of the important things in surprise. Children are not into luxury and complexity.
  3. Do your surprise at the time of the occasion. For example, if his birthday is near, he expects you to do something special for him on this day, and if your surprise is a few days after this date, he will be less happy.

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6 thoughts on “Interesting Long-Distance Surprise For Kids”

  1. I have dreamed of going to Disneyland since I was a child. Disneyland is where dreams come true. Still, getting a ticket to Disneyland can make me very happy.

  2. Making children happy makes me feel so good. When a child laughs and is happy, life seems to smile

  3. My brother’s kids are in Iran and I sent them a surprise as a gift with the help of Hypersurprise. According to the hypersurprise scenario, I organized a party in the restaurant and the dolls of Elsa and Anna characters went to surprise them. Thank you Hypersurprise.

  4. Surprising kids can be very difficult. I had no new ideas for my son’s surprise. But according to your opinion, I decided to buy him a ticket to Disneyland.

  5. My daughter, Angel, has a very hard time with depression. But I think that getting a gift like Disneyland tickets will surprise him a lot.

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