5 great ideas for remote birthday surprises

Birthday is one of the most important days in a person’s life. On this day, everyone likes to have their loved ones by their side and appreciate them. But sometimes, due to reasons such as distance, we cannot be with our loved ones on their birthday. Birthday surprise is what makes this day more memorable for every person. On the other hand, we can even make them happy with a remote birthday surprise.

A remote birthday surprise can be a great way to show your love to your loved ones. This shows that even if you are not together, you still remember them and care about them. For this reason, we are going to introduce you to 5 attractive ideas for remote birthday surprises.

Video call friends and family for a remote birthday surprise

The easiest yet most effective way to make a remote birthday surprise is to make a video call to the friends and family you want to surprise. In this call, you can eat cake together, open gifts and enjoy the moments of being together. To host a virtual birthday party, you can use a video conferencing platform such as Zoom or Google Meet. Alternatively, you can use a virtual meeting management software such as Miro or Jamboard.

To make this video call a real surprise, you can get help from a surprise team like Hypersurprise. The video below is a friendly remote surprise. In this remote birthday surprise, two friends are having a video call conversation when suddenly a stranger joins them. Watch the continuation of this friendly phone surprise for yourself.

Make a happy birthday video for remote greetings

If you want to have a special and memorable remote birthday surprise, you can make a happy birthday video for your loved one. In this video, you can ask your beloved friends and family to wish him a happy birthday. Also, you can share your memorable photos and videos together.

If you want to do it yourself, you can use a video editing software to make this video. Also, you can use your mobile phone to record video. But you can do something more creative and leave it to a professional surprise team. Imagine that someone whose birthday is going to the cinema with one of his close friends and in the middle of watching the movie, suddenly the carpet is cut and your image appears on the silver screen of the cinema, wishing him a happy birthday. Let’s see the video of this surprise together. In this video, a mother who is abroad, instead of sending a gift to Iran, performs a cinema surprise for her child in Tehran.

Send a gift by musical post

Another way of remote birthday surprise is sending a gift. You can send your loved one’s favorite gift by post. Also, you can order with an online store and have the gift sent directly to your loved one’s address. To make your gift a real surprise, you can use a beautiful and decorated gift box. Also, you can write a handwritten greeting card for your loved one and put it in the gift box.

In the sisterly birthday surprise video below, you’ll see how a sister gets a surprise. In the video, the AriaSurprise team is responsible for the implementation of this surprise. One of the team members visits a sister’s house and announces that he is the postman and has a package for her. Let’s watch the continuation of the sisterly musical surprise together.

send gift to iran - throw surprise for migrated iranian's family inside iran - from hypersurprise

Mother’s surprise in father’s house

Maybe you have migrated abroad for some reason and your dear parents live in Iran. What can you do for her on her birthday or mother’s day?

Do not imagine that the distance between you can be an obstacle to express your love and affection. You can contact Hypersurprise to perform a memorable surprise. Hypersurprise will visit the mother’s house and announce that he has a package from you to pick up. When dear mother opens the door, she will meet a musical group that will convey your love message to her ears with music and a beautiful song.

Birthday surprise at a remote cafe restaurant

One of the attractive scenarios for a remote birthday surprise is a surprise in a cafe. The cafe has a calm and pleasant atmosphere. On the other hand, music with a romantic atmosphere in this environment can have a great impact on the birthday person. You can coordinate with a mutual friend or family member for this remote birthday surprise to meet the birthday person in a cafe. Then contact the Hypersurprise team to be at the desired cafe at the right time and perform a beautiful romantic music on your behalf to wish you a happy birthday. Let’s watch an interesting video of family surprise together.

If you want to have a different and exciting remote birthday surprise, you can choose a special event from the above ideas. In this program, you can ask your dear friends and family to participate and help you too. These were just a few ideas for remote birthday surprises. According to your loved one’s taste and interest, you can implement more creative ideas for his surprise or ask Hypersurprise to Design and implement a special scenario.

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  1. Monah Azadi

    I am Monah Azadi. Thank you Hypersurprise for my sister’s birthday surprise. Everything was great.

  2. Mohammad Emami

    I am Mohammad Emami and I want to thank Hypersurprise and especially Mr. Siavash. Siavash and Hypersurprise helped me a lot so that I could make my mother happy in a very special way after 7 years away. They performed a very good remote birthday surprise idea for her and sent me the video. When I saw the happiness on my mother’s face, I burst into tears.

  3. All 5 remote birthday surprise ideas were very good. It made it hard for me to choose!

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