Top 75 Virtual Gifts Ideas to Surprise Online Friends

A virtual birthday gift is one of the most attractive and important ways to express love, kindness and attention to loved ones. In today’s technology-filled world, online surprise and virtual gift sending not only allows us to bridge the gaps but also helps to make each other happy from a distance.

By entering the virtual world, virtual surprise and birthday surprise as a new and attractive idea has become one of the most popular ways to send greetings and gifts to friends and loved ones. This style of sending gifts and birthday surprises will make them never feel forgotten. You can also strengthen your relationship with a virtual friend.

In this section, we intend to introduce virtual gift ideas to you in three categories. In the first category, we have ideas and suggestions to make your virtual friends happy. Because a virtual birthday gift for a virtual friend has always been our concern. In the next category, we will look at virtual birthday gift ideas for girls, boys, wives, parents. Finally, we will give virtual birthday gift ideas for various occasions, such as virtual gifts for New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary, graduation, employment in a new job, etc.

Virtual Gift Ideas for a Virtual Friend

Virtual friends are as valuable and important as they are a part of our life in cyber space. These days, with the advancement of technology, we are able to communicate with our friends and acquaintances through the Internet, and these virtual connections can provide us with happy and meaningful moments as much as they strengthen our real relationships.

You should make the virtual friend you met on Instagram happy and happy with a virtual birthday gift on his birthday or when he has a new success. But in the virtual world, choosing a suitable and meaningful gift can be challenging. In this section, we review the best gift ideas for virtual friends and introduce you to some unique and attractive options for sending gifts to your virtual friends. We hope that these ideas will create happy moments for you and your friends.

Birthday virtual gift ideas for an online friend

In this section, we will present five ideas for a birthday gift to a virtual friend that will make this friend smile and be happy. So let’s review these ideas together.

  1. Virtual greeting card with a sweet message: sending a virtual greeting card with a sweet and pleasant message can make the virtual friend’s birthday more memorable. But how do I make a greeting card for him?! Here you can build.
  2. Making a personal greeting video: Making a short and personal video that includes birthday wishes and reminiscing about shared memories with a virtual friend is a pleasant idea to send to a virtual friend. Just place the phone camera in front of you and tell him your congratulatory message. Edit it with apps like inshot and then send it to him.
  3. Virtual surprise with a video call: on the birthday, inviting a virtual friend to a video chat in messaging applications such as Skype, Zoom or Google Meet is an opportunity to share happy moments together. You can get help from Hypersurprise team for an attractive phone surprise. To see the video of this musical surprise, see the “Telephone Birthday Surprise” page.
  4. Send a congratulatory podcast: recording a short happy and congratulatory podcast episode and sending it to a virtual friend is a creative idea to celebrate a birthday. Write down what you want to say to him and then read it to him in a conversational, friendly and polite manner and record it. Even talk funny and tell jokes! Now you can send him this beautiful podcast.
  5. Ordering a virtual painting: ordering a virtual painting or illustration, the subject of which is related to a virtual friend, is a special idea to remember a strong and special friendship. You can get help from artificial intelligence for this. If you install the ImagieAI application on your mobile phone and use it to create a virtual painting.

Good luck gift ideas for a virtual friend

Every success that our virtual friends achieve in their lives is valuable and should be celebrated in their honor. Sending virtual gifts on occasions such as successes and achievements of virtual friends is an opportunity to show affection and encourage them to continue with more motivation. Here are five good luck gift ideas for your virtual friend that will make them happy and motivated to keep going.

List of gift ideas for congratulating a virtual friend:

  1. A virtual greeting card with an encouraging message: Sending a virtual greeting card with a happy and encouraging message will help the virtual friend feel encouraged and supported in their new success.
  2. Send a motivational video: Making a short and cheerful video congratulating your virtual friend and cheering them on their new success is an energetic idea for a great virtual gift.
  3. Invitation to a virtual conversation with Tahsin: call him via video call. Talk to him and congratulate him. Also say give motivation and say that you were sure that a person with his characteristics would achieve this success.
  4. Post a motivational podcast: Recording an upbeat podcast episode congratulating and cheering your virtual friend on their new success is a creative idea to transmit positive energy.
  5. Congratulatory story with AI: Draw him like a hero with the help of artificial intelligence, which is a successful peak. It has captured you. Post this picture in an Instagram story and congratulate your dear virtual friend on his success.

Girl’s Day gift ideas for long-distance friends

Girl’s Day is an opportunity to show love and appreciation to our virtual female friends. Sending virtual gifts to virtual friends on the occasion of Girl’s Day is an opportunity to show the special value that this day has for us. In the following, five ideas for virtual gifts for a virtual friend on the occasion of the girl’s day have been presented, among them, they can cause happy moments and good memories for her.

List of girl’s day gift ideas for a virtual friend:

  1. Digital postcard: sending a special and pleasant text message to a virtual friend on Girl’s Day and thanking her for her existence and her value as a woman is a simple and effective idea to show her love and appreciation.
  2. Sending flowers and plants: Flowers and plants are something that girls are always happy to receive. It is enough to have his address. Even if you are abroad and want to send flowers to Iran, you will not have to worry. Because Hypersurprise will be with you in my friend’s plan.
  3. Audio book: Sending an audio book, the subject of which is related to female spirit and motivation and success, to a virtual friend, is a valuable and effective idea to increase his motivation and happiness.
  4. Send a girl’s song: This idea is also very attractive if you choose a good song and send it with a nice congratulatory message.
  5. Sending pastilles and chocolates: If your virtual friend is a girl who likes these foods, you can send her a delicious package with the help of the Hypersurprise team.

Long-Distance and Virtual Birthday Gifts

Every birthday is an exceptional opportunity to show love and importance to our friends and loved ones, but in the modern and virtual world where distances often separate us from our friends, this task is challenged. But due to technological advances, new possibilities for communication and expressing affection have been created in the virtual space. Every birthday is a good opportunity to show our friends and loved ones that we appreciate their presence in our lives. But sometimes, geographical distance becomes an obstacle to celebrate and send physical gifts.

In these cases, virtual gifts can be a great alternative to show affection and friendship. Here, we will introduce you the types of virtual birthday gifts based on the gender of girls and boys, as well as the relationship you have with him, such as wife and parents.

Virtual birthday present ideas for girls

The following virtual ideas are gifts that allow you to show your kindness and friendship to your friends from a distance. Join us as your loyal companions to guide you to one of the most interesting ways of expressing friendship and affection in the virtual world.

List of virtual birthday gift ideas for a virtual girl friend:

  1. Online Dating: Set up a one-on-one video call with him. Then invite your mutual friends for that time too without him knowing. When you are engaged in a video call, your friends will join you to have an attractive friendly session.
  2. Music or podcast subscription: If he is a fan of music and podcast, you can buy and send him a subscription to his favorite service.
  3. Cooking recipes: Cooking is a pastime for many girls and they enjoy it. So you can collect the recipes of interesting and different dishes that Tabe Jal has never heard of and send them to him.
  4. Flower and chocolate basket: This birthday gift is very classic. But if you are far away from your beloved girl and you can’t get anything for her, it’s not a problem. Hypersurprise can give you these services through my friend plan.
  5. Sending a box of roses: This is the gift that all girls love. If you would like to send her a box full of beautiful red roses, you can send a message to Hypersurprise to help you with this.

Virtual birthday present ideas for boys

When we want to celebrate a special and different birthday for a dear boy, unique and diverse ideas are desirable. In this section, we will introduce the best virtual birthday gift ideas for boys that will allow you to show your love and affection to your beloved son from a distance. Join us to review interesting and different ideas for a boy’s birthday surprise.

  1. Send graphic caricature: joking with boys is something that is always attractive! A graphic caricature of your boyfriend with elements that make him look good is a good idea for a virtual birthday gift for him. For this, get help from a cartoonist or artificial intelligence.
  2. Online training course: What is he interested in or in what field does he work? It’s simple, you can visit Coursera or Udemy’s websites and buy the appropriate online course for him and send it to him.
  3. Membership in an online game platform: If your boyfriend is interested in online games, a one-month or one-year membership in a reputable online game platform, such as PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass, will be a pleasant and fun gift for him.
  4. NFT: NFT is a new virtual present in new era. You must have a wallet to buy. You should go to Magic Eden and buy something and then send the NFT to his wallet.
  5. Send a physical gift: If you want to give him something that he really needs so that it is considered very valuable, naturally you should understand what he needs. If this need is a physical item, don’t worry, you can prepare and send this birthday gift to him through the Hypersurprise team. It is enough to see the page of sending gifts to Iran to understand the facilities and services of Hypersurprise in this area.

The best virtual birthday gift ideas for wife

The birthday of your beloved spouse is an irreplaceable opportunity to show your love and respect to him. But in today’s world, sending a virtual birthday gift can become a special and memorable event. In this section, we will introduce 5 virtual birthday gift ideas for your wife.

  1. Memorable web page for your love: You can design a web page with the help of Hypersurprise and send it to him. On this page, you can send your birthday greetings with your beautiful message in text, image or voice. With a beautiful and birthday-related look, put her pictures and make your memories come alive for her.
  2. Sending flowers and gifts from a distance: If you want to send flowers and gifts to your dear wife, Hypersurprise can still help you through my friend plan. For details, be sure to read the page of sending a surprise gift to Iran.
  3. Subscription to an online training course: You can help him to improve his career by enrolling him in an online training course in his field of work. It is enough to visit websites such as Coursera to view these courses.
  4. Musical surprise at home: If you are far away from your wife on her birthday, geographical distance is not a good reason not to make a unique surprise for her. With the help of the Hypersurprise team, you can give him an attractive surprise at home. To learn about this possibility, see the birthday surprise movie page.
  5. Online postcard: you can write your message in a digital postcard and wish him a happy birthday with a romantic music. This is the easiest and cheapest virtual birthday gift for your wife.

Virtual birthday gift ideas for mom or dad

Parents’ birthday is an excuse to show love and respect to them. Sending a virtual birthday gift to dear parents can be their most memorable birthday. In the following, we will review a list of 5 virtual birthday gift ideas for parents.

  1. Digital archive of family photos: Creating a digital archive of family photos and videos, including special family memories and moments, is a warm and meaningful gift for dear parents that can create good memories for them over time.
  2. Movie and music subscription: If your parents spend a lot of time at home and enjoy watching movies and series, then why don’t you subscribe to services such as Netflix or Filimo.
  3. Online training course in his/her field of interest: If there is still something that he/she would like to learn more about and deepen, then a professional training course on that topic will be a very good virtual birthday gift for your mother or father.
  4.  Memories clip: Just go to the simple and normal video editing applications on your phone and make an attractive clip of your memories with family photos and videos that you have taken from your group attendance.
  5. Mother’s or father’s birthday surprise at home: If you want to make a unique event for your father or mother, you can also get help from Hypersurprise team. To better understand what we mean, watch the video below.

Virtual Gifts for Special Occasions

In today’s modern world where our communication is mainly established through virtual space, giving gifts to friends and loved ones in virtual space has also become one of the loving and meaningful ways. In this section, we will prepare various virtual birthday gifts for various occasions to convey a good feeling to the one you love.

The best virtual presents for New year (Christmas or Newrouz)

Every year, with the arrival of Nowruz, there is an opportunity to share happiness with our friends and family. These days, gifts that bring joy and laughter to the faces of our friends and families are very precious. But sometimes, due to geographical distance or special circumstances, we may not be able to give them a gift in person. But this does not prevent sending virtual and creative gifts. In this section, we will introduce the best virtual gift ideas for Nowruz.

  1. Subscription to an online training course: Sending a subscription to friends and family to access an online training course in areas such as art, digital disciplines, cooking, etc. is a useful and productive gift that allows them to year, learn new skills.
  2. Audio book: Buying an audio book from the door of personal development, such as Atomic Habits or Swallow Your Frog, will be a gift that will help them progress faster in their lives.
  3. Online greeting card: Create an online greeting card using an online service provider. In this greeting card, you can include various designs with attractive greeting text and send them.
  4. Online shopping gift card: There are many online stores such as Amazon that provide you with a special gift card for shopping from that store. By preparing these cards and sending them virtually to your loved ones, you can give them this opportunity to shop anything they need.
  5. Phone surprise: In a phone surprise, an artist will call your loved one and sing beautiful music for him while congratulating you.

The best online gift ideas and virtual surprises on Valentine

  1. Love letter: A classic romantic gesture on the day of love can have a profound effect on your relationship. Write him a love letter and express your feelings clearly and honestly and mail him this beautiful letter.
  2. Sending a gift from a distance: love puzzle with the picture of you two, rose box, flower and chocolate package, his favorite foods like pastille and Nutella, etc., are the gifts that you can give as a special surprise for my love Send a friendship anniversary surprise to your love. But if you are far from him, it doesn’t matter, Hypersurprise will give you a special friend to do this romantic surprise on your behalf.
  3. Romance QRcode: Why don’t you and he have a secret web page of your own! With the help of Hypersurprise, you can design a web page that includes your messages, photo memories, videos, and everything else. Then make its address as a QR code and send it to him.
  4. Electronic gift card: some banks issue you a gift card online, through which you can only make online purchases. You can send a virtual Valentine gift to your beloved friend by getting such a gift card from Bank.
  5. Make a slideshow: put together a series of romantic photos of your two using an application like Inshot and mix a romantic music that you have memories with and then send him this virtual gift.

The best virtual present ideas for wedding anniversary

  1. Influencer congratulations: Just check your wife’s Instagram page and see what influencer she likes and follows. Direct message that influencer and ask them to congratulate them through a story on your behalf.
  2. Memorable romantic clip: Creating a digital collection of memorable photos and videos of your happy moments and romantic days can make him feel precious.
  3. Online romantic meeting: holding a romantic online meeting with your spouse, where games, romantic conversations and sweet moments are spent, as a virtual experience for the wedding anniversary can make him feel good.
  4. Joint romantic story: writing a short story or a romantic poem about the relationship and happy moments with your spouse and sending it as a special and virtual gift on the occasion of the wedding anniversary can show him how important and precious this day is to you.
  5. Musical surprise at the workplace: You can ask the music team of Hypersurprise (surprise group in Tehran) to go to his workplace and perform romantic songs on your behalf. For more details, see the surprise package page.

The best ideas of the best virtual gift for thanks and appreciation

  1. Digital thank you card: Digital card is the easiest and cheapest way as a virtual gift to thank you.
  2. Digital Thank You Podcast: Make a podcast for it. Tell relatable stories and funny jokes, and sincerely thank for what he has done for you.
  3. Online Thank You Video: A personal and sweet video thanking them for their help, support and assistance can be an attractive virtual gift that makes them feel valued.
  4. Story of thank you: Thank your friend or loved one for what they did in a story on your Instagram page. Find beautiful pictures and put pleasant music on it.
  5. Phone surprise: This method is also a great way to thank him. Ask an artist to contact them and thank them on your behalf. Then perform a beautiful song for him.

The best virtual surprise ideas for graduation

  1. Virtual surprise: arrange a beautiful design in a special space and place a cake. A graduation congratulatory banner can also be placed there. Put your mobile phone in a place that fully shows you and the space. Then call her online and video and congratulate her with a special surprise. You can also ask his friends and family members to join you.
  2. Educational surprise: arrange an online video date with him. Ask her favorite classmates and teachers to come to that date for her virtual surprise. You can congratulate him on his graduation by suddenly entering the video call in this video call.
  3. Online shopping gift card: The gift after graduation has a special sweetness and everyone likes to give themselves a special award after passing this stage. You can give him the opportunity to buy what he likes from that store by getting a shopping gift card from an online store.
  4. Virtual bank gift card: Many online stores do not have their own gift card. You can get a virtual gift card from a bank and give it as a virtual graduation gift.
  5. Sending a physical gift: If for any reason you want to send him something special, you can send your gift to him through the “Send Gift to Iran” service in Hypersurprise.

A virtual congratulatory gift for congratulating on hiring a new job

  1. Congratulatory video of former colleagues: ask his former colleagues to make a congratulatory video for him and for you to send You also collect all the videos and put them all together with a beautiful edit and send him congratulations as a virtual gift.
  2. Training course: new work requires newer teachings. Get him new and up-to-date online training courses that are relevant to his career.
  3. Online conference and event: find the most prestigious scientific conference or event in his field of work and register him in it.
  4. Specialized e-book: this virtual gift will also help him to perform better and shine in his new job. Sending an e-book in a field related to his new job, such as leadership, startups, or project management, that provides him with useful information and training for a successful start in his new job is a very good choice.
  5. Registering in a shared workspace: If he is trying to start his own business, you can get a monthly subscription to a shared workplace and offer it to him as a virtual gift so that he can work in this space. Work on his personal project with more focus.

Virtual gift on the anniversary of cooperation

If you have a colleague at work who has made the work environment so pleasant for you and you can work so much better, then he deserves a virtual gift. Here we will tell you 5 virtual gift ideas for colleagues:

  1. Thank you clip for cooperation: on the anniversary of his entry into the collection, make a clip and ask those who are happy about his presence in the collection to talk to him in that video. Finally edit the video and send it to him.
  2. Story of thank you: If you follow him on social networks, you can create a special story for him and post it on the anniversary of his entry into the collection.
  3. Registering in a business event: You can find such events and register him in that event. Then send the registration confirmation as a virtual gift to your colleague.
  4. Registration of a professional training course: You can buy and send a professional training course to him as a thank you from Udemy and Coursera.
  5. Digital postcard: This gift is also the easiest and cheapest way to thank a colleague online and virtually. It will also take you very little time.

As the conclusion of this amazing journey into the world of virtual birthday gifts and virtual surprises, we invite you to share your thoughts, experiences and ideas on this topic with the rest of the readers. Have you ever had the experience of sending or receiving virtual birthday gifts? Have you come up with other ideas and topics for sending virtual surprises? Join us in this magical event of happy and energetic moments to your friends and family and write us your comments.

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